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Monday, June 12, 2006

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who are the Green Team & What do we do ?

The green team is made up of children from castledown school.

We want to make the rest of the school aware of why we need to be more 'Green', we think the best place to start learning to be 'green' is in our own school & playground.

We wrote to Onyx and asked them for some help, they came and spoke to us about recycling and gave us plastic boxes for recycling paper.

We wrote to them again a few weeks ago asking for more boxes & they brought us bins for recycling plastic and card

A few of us had a stall at the Christmas fair to raise money for the Green Team.

We organise litter patrol in our playground at lunch & break times.



What you can recycle

You can recycle lots of things
you can recycle
tins,paper,wood,card and lots more.

the green team

the green team

Hi we are the green team we are castledown school's recycling team.